Nome de Todos os Itens no Minecraft 1.3.2

WoodAnimation.gif  Wood

Wooden Plank.png  Wooden plank

Stick.png Stick

Coal2.png  Coal

Crafting Table.png Crafting table

Cobblestone.png Cobblestone


Furnace (Active).png Furnace

Double Chest.gif Chest

Gold (Block).png Block of gold

Iron (Block).png Block of iron

Diamond (Block).png Block of diamond

Lapis Lazuli (Block).png Lapis lazuli block

Golditm.png Gold ingot

Ironitm.png Iron ingot

Diamond (Gem).png Diamond

BlueDye.png Lapis lazuli

Lightstonedust.PNG Glowstone

Grid Glowstone (Block).png Glowstone block

White Wool.png wool



Arrow.png Arrow

Fishing Rod.png Fishing rod


Sand.png Sand

Sandstone.png Sandstone

Slabs.gif Slabs
Glass.png Glass

Glass Pane.pngGlass pane

Gunpowder item.png Gunpowder

Stairs.gif Stairs

Snowball.png Snowball

Snow (Block).png Snow block

Clay (Item).png Clay balls

Clay (Brick).png Brick

Clay (Block).png Clay block

Brick (Block).png Brick block

Stone Brick.png Stone brick

Bookshelf.png Bookshelf

Book.png  Book

Paper.png  Paper

Sugar Cane.png Sugar cane

Sugaricon.png Sugar

Spider Eye.png Spider eye

Brown Mushroom.png  Mushrooms

Mushroomsoup.png Mushroom stew

Fermented spider eye.png Fermented spider eye

Bowl.png Bowl
Cake.png Cake

Egg2.png Egg

Milk2.png Milk

Wheat.png Wheat

Bread2.png Bread

Compass.png Compass

Map (Item).png Map

Redstone (Dust).png Redstone

Watch.png Clock

Redstone (Repeater, Active).gif Repeater

Redstone (Torch, Active).png Redstone torch

Pumpkin.png Pumpkin

Jack-O-Lantern.png Jack-o-lantern

Torch.png Torch

Axe Anim.gif Axe

Pickaxe Anim.gif Pickaxe

Shovel Anim.gif Shovel

Hoe Anim.gif Hoe

Flint and Steel.png Flint and steel

Bucket.png Bucket

Water.png Water

Lava.png Lava


Sword Anim.gif Sword

Flint.png Flint

Feather.png Feather

Leather.png Leather

Fire.png Fire

Alt text Armor

Minecart.png Minecart

Powered Minecart.png Minecart with furnace

Storage Minecart.png Minecart with chest

Rails.png Rail

PoweredRail.gif Powered rail

Detector Rail.pngDetector rail


Pressure Plates.gif Pressure plates


Iron Bars.png Iron bars

Trapdoor.png Trapdoor

Stone Button.pngButton

Lever.png Lever

Note Block.png Note block

Jukebox.png Jukebox

Dispenser.png Dispenser

Piston.gif Piston

Sticky Piston.gifSticky piston

Slimeball.png Slineball

Magma cream.png Magma cream

Cookie.png Cookie

BrownDye.png Cocoa beans

Goldenapple.png Goldem apple

Apple2.pngRed apple

Melon (Block).png Melon block

Melonslice.png Melon slice

Melonseeds.png Melon seeds


Sign.png Sign

Ladders.png Ladders


Nether Brick Fence.png Nether brick fence

Nether Brick.png Nether brick

Fence Gate.gif  Fence gate


Bone.png Bone

Bonemeal.png Bone meal

Ink Sack.png Inc sac

LightGrayDye.png Light gary dye

GrayDye.pngGeay dye

Rose.png Rose

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